Monday, April 25, 2011


Okay, so I watch a lot of cartoons. I like to view my artistic style as a medley of all of the great cartoons I have seen in my lifetime. I began drawing as a kid while sitting in front of the TV, mesmerized by shows like Cow and Chicken and Rocko's Modern Life. My love for cartoons has only grown since then and I continue to be inspired by the animations I see today.
That being said, one of the most innovative cartoons to appear lately has returned for a second season and I am very excited. The show I am referring to is Superjail! and season 2 has already begun to air on the Adult Swim network. Season 1 captured my attention with its highly detailed, notebook doodle style, along with its signature, gory rampage sequences. Each frame had such attention to detail and the whole show moved with such charming fluidity. Even when heads were being lopped off and bodies dismembered (which happens a lot), the bright colors and humorous character illustrations would flow with the grace and beauty of a psychedelic trip.
Now, with the arrival of the new season of Superjail, comes a change in animation studios from Augenblick Studios to Titmouse Inc. I got a chance to see the first two episodes and although still fantastic, the animation is noticeably different. I was a little disappointed to see that the opening episode lacked a lot of the fluid action that made the first season so amazing. The second episode was definitely a big improvement over the first, but I am beginning to notice that the series is exchanging a lot of its entrancing action sequences with deeper storylines. Is this a change for the better? Tell me what you think. I just hope that the show doesn't end up completely loosing its bloody carnage sequences like Metalocalypse did in its third season (another Titmouse production). Alright, enough rambling on my part. You can scroll down now and look at the pretty images.


  1. Great review bod! You painted superjail in a fashionable, yet approachable manner. Kutos and thank you. Toy Story 2 was alright.

  2. I love Superjail. I also noticed a difference in this new season.