Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jersey Shore

When I was much younger, my family would vacation at the Jersey shore every summer. Now I've seen the reality TV show Jersey Shore on MTV, except something tells me that my recollection of the shore is much closer to reality. Below is a drawing I created called The Boardwalk, based on all of my childhood experiences from the Jersey shore. You tell me who is living the alternate reality.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

...that's when I learned it was Todd Slater

While meandering through this endless labyrinth we know as the internet I happened upon a great artist and designer whose work inspired me very much. His name is Todd Slater and his gallery of show posters references some of my absolute favorites in art, music, and film. Slater not only captures the spirit of these cult favorites with his psychedelic, pop art style, but he adds an unforgettable visual element to each event. He has designed posters for Radiohead and Lady Gaga, as well as my personal favorites, Ween and Umphrey's Mcgee. His works pay tribute to cult classics like Evil Dead, Star Wars and Alice in Wonderland. One of his poster designs was even inspired by the French Post-Impressionist, Toulouse Lautrec, paying homage to one of the greatest printmakers of the 19th century. I must say that I like where this artist's head is at. His gallery has become a beautiful fusion of everything great in pop and underground culture.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wool Over Eyes

My good friends Wool Over Eyes were looking for a new t shirt design so I brought a drawing into Photoshop and gave it some color. Check out their blog for updates and keep an eye out for their new merchandise. Also check out their Facebook for tour dates because if you haven't seen Wool Over Eyes then you haven't experienced the contagious energy that both their music and their fans radiate during their fast and heavy performances. Even if progressive metal is not your cup of tea, you can count on these guys to provide a wild and entertaining show.
Wool Over Eyes t-shirt design

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

deviantART and ink

If you have never heard of the deviantART art community then now is the time to check them out. I've been a member of deviantART for four years now and I must stand by the website as one of my favorite spots to browse artwork. DeviantArt is home to thousands of career and amateur artists and if the collections of Gothic-style nude art and fanime throw you off, then don't be deterred just yet, because there is plenty of depth to this site. I would recommend starting at the Daily Deviations where the community admins feature a list of works that are updated every day.
And while you are there, check out my profile!

Here is a look into my sketch pad where I use pencil and ink to produce the base images for many of my digitally finished pieces. These two drawings are concepts that I am producing for two different Purchase College bands. The bands are Wool Over Eyes and Demovore and their separate forms of metal are heavy and unique. Check back soon for the finished products and links to both of the bands' websites.

An ink drawing for progressive metal band Wool Over Eyes

An ink drawing for death metal band Demovore